What’s crawling around at night?

Digital Camera

If you have outdoor structures around your home such as low decks, sheds, detached garages, chances are that you could have critters trying to get in them.  Animals need protection from the elements.  And what better place than under your shed or deck or in your attic or shed?  Overwintering is very common and many animals, such as raccoons, are opportunistic or will even create an access if the structure is not sealed up good and tight.

Wildlife exclusion, trapping and relocation, one-way door installation, and using a quality trail-cam are just some of the tools of our trade used by Pest Free Solutions.  We are experts and have the tools and ability to help you determine not only what is around your home, but also what is the right method to be used in your specific situation.

Can you buy a trap at the local big box store and do it yourself?  Yes you can.  But what do you do if you catch it?  Did you find all of the openings and access points?  Did you seal everything up?  Did you know a raccoon can fit it’s hand through the trap openings and grab or scratch your hand?  If there is a doubt in your mind, don’t go it alone!

Whether your concern is a squirrel, raccoon, ground hog or any other critter, give us a call to find out how we can help.  We service southern New Jersey in Burlington and Camden Counties.  Call now at 856-581-3727.

About Pest Free Solutions

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